We moved to Brook Street in May 2002 having lived at the other end of the village for 29 years. We were not aware of the existence of the garden until it was offered for sale. Villagers often visit our garden for the first time with comments like 'Didn't know this was here' or 'This garden is like the Tardis - you step  into the gate and it just grows and grows...'

The site is about 0.85 acres in size and a garden was first built here in 1963. The original owners were keen gardeners and purchased an additonal third of an acre from the adjacent field (now a housing estate!). This was largely run as an allotment. They were very keen on propagating conifers resulting in virtually the whole site disappearing behind a dark green curtain. The second owners thinned these out, particularly at the front where they restored the lovely view over Hall Field. We have removed some more confiers, including a 20 ft high Leylandii hedge, but we have planted many, many more trees both in the front and the back gardens.


The interactive map of the garden below allows you to click on areas of interest for further information.