The spinney of native trees in the corner of the front garden and the magnificent elderly birch and beech trees greet visitors to the garden. The spinney includes hazel coppice. A coppice of nut trees is planted at the far end of the back garden. The large girth of the mature beech outside our back door invites tree hugging. The backdrop of the centre of the garden is a 60 year old blue atlantic cedar. An 'overgrown' beech hedge on the south side provides welcome sun protection in our increasingly hot summers and leads to a woodland walk in the far right hand side of the back garden.

Many specimen trees are dotted about the garden. You will find Forest Pansy (Cercis), Paper Bark maple and Snake Bark maple. Pollarded willow, tree paeony etc etc.

Note the very old Bramley apple tree in the bottom right side of the garden. It is probably 80 years old and was a mess when we arrived. It took 5 years of heavy pruning to get it back in to shape. It's elegant branches provide a point of interest throughout the year.

All this requires maintenance as you will see in the slide show....


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